A hauntingly chilling book by author Michael Wright

Morgan House

Morgan House , a brief Summary


Morgan House is a novel about the hauntingly chilling events in the life of defense attorney Reggie Billings. The book starts with a brief overview of Reggie’s quiet childhood in idyllic suburban Tanner New York until his hard working single mother became stricken with A.I.D.S and died causing young Reggie to move to the Bronx to live with his only remaining relative, his mother’s sister, Aunt Joanna.  Growing up in the Bronx a teenage Reggie falls in with the wrong crowd. On the rough streets of the 80’s South Bronx Reggie and his best friend learn quickly the hard lesson of live fast and die young. Reggie loses his best friend in the process, and after that life changing event vows to change his life for the better.

Years later Reggie leaves the Bronx and returns to his hometown of Tanner with his wife Karen and their daughter Rebecca where Reggie buys the house he grew up in. Shortly after the Billings family settles in Rebecca is visited by a spirit possibly from Reggie’s past. Strange things begin to happen in the Billings home, and children in the town of Tanner start to disappear one by one. Reggie is haunted by distant memories that he can’t shake caused by eerier and hair raising messages being sent to him through his 6 year old daughter Rebecca. Reggie must uncover the secrets of his past and save the children of Tanner before all is lost.